Webshop API for SAP

SAP & eCommerce

Logosworld eCOM API is a full featured interface layer to connect high performance web shops to an ABAP based SAP ERP machine.

It works with a variety of commercial web shop engines like Hybris or OXID and gives both web shop and ABAP developers a handy toolbox to implement the special ecommerce patterns.
Companies that run large SAP implementation currently face a new and sometimes unexpected challenge. They are more and more required to build web shop frontends . What looks like just building a new facade that makes use of some interfaces with SAP turns easily into a night mare when it comes to implementation, once the project team finds out that the old interface strategies do not work as expected and the web shop makers have little competence in interfacing SAP. Building eCommerce interfaces requires special asynchronous patterns for parallel and predictive computing.

Logosworld eCOM API is a flexible multi-layer software running on top of an Enterprise Service Bus implementation and caters for many of the complex eCommerce patterns:

• Mapping web shop structures to SAP calls
• Interfaces web service calls with SAP RFC
• Making sure that possible several thousand simultaneous requests do not kill your SAP back end
• Caches frequent results to reduce load on SAP for complex requests
• Merge data from other servers
• Send results in small portions as they can be viewed online
• Make parallel requests for data enrichments
• Simulate sales orders and invoices in SAP
• Switch strategy depending whether shop is accessed by a user or by a machine
• Buffer basic functionality in case of SAP backend failure
• Handle situation when user cancels a session
• Handle situation when a session is paused for long time (e.g. when user gets a phone call)
• Handle redundant requests, e.g. when a user repeatedly presses the submit button when he gets impatient ("nervous finger pattern")
• Handle security topics

There are numerous more patterns in this solution.
Price starting from 100.000EUR.