e-Commerce has become a mandatory commodity for a nowadays successful company. Whether it be a local store or a world-wide action concern, customers usually require a web presence that contains a satisfactory amount of information on the service or product offerings and in many cases the possibility to initiate a business transaction over a web store.
In order to allow a stable communication between the web server and the ERP backend like SAP you require a sophisticated middle layer that guarantees fast access to any back end information that needs to be displayed in the web shop and that can cope with request storms from the internet without losing information or allowing the back end software to take damage.

Our partner solution is a high-performance middle ware application built on top of an Enterprise Service Bus concept that connects SAP ERP, Microsoft Dynamics, SalesForce and others with any modern web shop software. Software includes a lot of sophisticated features like intelligent synchronization, granular communication with the backend, request and response caching and self-healing recovery in case of malfunctions.